Vinny Stapley - textile - print - mixed media

After achieving a first in Printed Textiles from Middlesex University, I worked as an Artist, Teacher and Textile Designer working on Community Arts Projects and Public and Private commission’s.

My work focuses on the natural ephemera of the landscape, the unique nuances of the fringes and plant-life of the Blackwater, in particular seaweed and samphire. More recent work has been exploring the tides and tidelines through abstracted stitched form. The repetitive nature of stitch echoes the constant ebb and flow of the sea.

Colour is a fundamental element of my work, my palette of choice ranging from de-saturated hues to (more recently) acid pops of neon colour.

My processes combine screen-print and digital print with other techniques experimentally to produce mixed-media pieces in a variety of formats, from sculptural to printed panels, canvas and sailcloth. I have also started experimenting with glass to create laminated glass and textile panels.

I have recently moved into a new studio in East Mersea, ‘Old School’ where I will also be running workshops in textile techniques and screen printing.

Where the wind blows my barge will go

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